Trade Show Crates

Whether you’re a trade show exhibitor or in the trade show industry, you know it’s important to properly store and take inventory, and that the right items are sent to the different trade shows. You need crates that are correctly labeled and stored, inspected for damage, shipped and returned for storage.

Pro-Crate’s customized trade show crates help ensure that your products are protected and arrive safely.

Built to your specifications, Pro-Crate trade show shipping crates offer custom dunnage, which eliminates excess packaging. Crates can be designed to accommodate products of any size or shape and can be stacked for easy transport and storage.

Pro-Crate trade show and exhibit crating makes loading and unloading merchandise a snap. Removable panels mean products can be accessed from the top or any side. Our high-quality crates can even be color-coded, making it easier and more convenient to locate your products on a busy trade show, convention or exhibit hall floor.

Engineered for strength, the Pro-Crate trade show and exhibit crating product line is designed to help you have a stress-free experience, show after show.

Pro-Crate custom add-ons include:

  • Custom cradles
  • Stenciling
  • Ramp doors
  • Lift handles
  • Painting
  • Shelving
  • Barcoding

Please contact us today at (877) 461-5512 about ordering your trade show crates for your business.

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