Packaging, Moving, And Storing Furniture

Whether you want to move yourself or you want the professionals to do it for you, you should learn how to properly wrap furniture before moving them. Most people know of the existence of moving blankets, but they often don’t know what type they need, how to use them, and where to get them from. Let’s take a look at some of the key things to be aware of.

Hiring Moving Professionals

One of the best ways to make sure your items get to their destination in one piece is to leave it to the professionals. However, you may feel as if they don’t really care about your belongings, which may true. They do not have that sentimental value that you have attached to your furniture, but they are insured if something goes wrong. And they do care about their reputation and they will do all they can to make sure your move will not have any problems, or they would go out of business. So, do your research and find a trustworthy company, who can do the work for you.


There are lots of different types of packing supplies and if you want to do any element of the move yourself, you need to know what they are. The most popular ones include bubble wrap, foam peanuts, plate cell packing kits, and bubble sleeves. And then, there are the moving blankets, which are perhaps the most important of all.

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets, which can be either padded or quilted, are vital to th protection of your furniture and other items while you move, when they are in storage, and during transport. They are designed to protect your items from scratches and bumps, stop them from collecting dust, give them a degree of environmental protection, maintain the integrity of their finish, and protect them from touching other items stored in the same place. You can purchase moving blankets from most good hardware stores and directly from moving professionals. But you can also use your own blankets and even your clothes. Indeed, soft materials that you need to move with you make for fantastic packaging materials. You can stuff your glasses with socks, wrap your paintings in your jumpers, use sheets and blankets to cover your furniture, and so on.

Some of your blankets and other soft materials will probably get damaged while you are moving. However, the reality is also that it is very rare for a move to be completed without at least something breaking. If that happens, would you rather it was an old jumper that you bought for a couple of bucks form your nearest thrift store, or do you want it to be your $2,000 couch or precious work of art that gets damaged?



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