Heavy Machinery Crating

Heavy Equipment Crating

When relocating or acquiring new equipment for your manufacturing facility, certain larger pieces of equipment can become a logistical problem when trying to make sure it is protected properly throughout the relocation process.  Pro-Crate is a reliable and experienced provider of a wide variety of crating services custom fit to provide solutions across a wide variety of heavier equipment. Whether you have a large conveyor system, automated assembly line components, or large hydraulic presses Pro-Crate has a solution for you.

The process begins with a free site survey to access exactly your needs, dimensions of the pieces, weight and timeline then Pro-Crate will help to determine what options will best fit your needs.  We offer numerous options from solid plywood crates, skeletal crates, custom skids and banding options and much more. Pro-Crate has over 40 years of experience in the crating industry so you can rest assured that there is nothing too big or that we have not run across before.

Services offered

  •  ISPM 15 certified for international transport
  •  Solid plywood crates
  •  Shock absorbed/cushioned skids
  •  Skeletal Crating
  •  Custom Skids and securing
  •  Various vapor barrier options
  •  On site crating available
  •  Free Site Survey

Call today to schedule your free on site survey to see how Pro-Crate can be your one stop shop for all of your crating needs.

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