Commercial Crating

Protect your product and your investment.

You and your team have worked countless hours to design your product, build it to specifications, and develop a precise delivery and implementation timeline. All that’s left is to package your industrial product and get it on the truck.

Given all the resources you’ve invested into this project, shouldn’t you work with a packager who is just as serious as you about your product quality and your delivery timeline?

At Pro-Crate, we offer custom pre-production and production packaging services. From kitting to crating to export, we have the experience and technology to customize your next industrial packaging process & solution.

  • We deliver results in days, not months. Your customers demand fast turnaround, and we understand that. We know that a delay of even the smallest part can derail an entire schedule. That’s why we take pride in being able to fulfill even the most urgent request. In fact, we’ve been able to deliver industrial packaging solutions for some of our customers in as little as two hours.
  • We custom design everything, from packages to processes to machines and more. There are no cookie-cutter solutions because there are no cookie-cutter problems. Our team of engineers will work with you to analyze your unique needs and goals, and develop the optimal solution.
  • In-house design and production. Can’t find the crating solution that you need? No problem. We have a machine shop in our facility so we can custom build crates, equipment, machinery, and more. That in-house capability allows us to quick turn projects and meet your changing project demands. Whatever your crating need, we can build the solution.

Need help with crating on your next project? Call us at (877) 461-5512 today. We welcome the opportunity to help you find the optimal solution.

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At Pro-Crate, we pledge ourselves to superior quality and excellent customer service.We partner with each of our customers to ensure that all your needs are met, allowing us a level of customization and service thats hard to beat. Just give us a call today @ (877) 461-5512 and let our team of professionals start building a trusted and lasting relationship.