Vapor Barrier Heat Wrap

Uncontrolled water vapor through concrete slabs has cost building owners, designers and contractors billions of dollars. This moisture infiltration into structures contributes to mold, mildew and fungus and leads to flooring system failures, including adhesive failures, warping, blistering and staining. In addition, water vapor migration carrying alkali can cause structural failure of the concrete when reinforcing steel is present.

Pro-Crate is known for a comprehensive portfolio of air barrier systems to meet the precise needs of any commercial transportation or building project, in every climate.

Our proven air barrier technologies deliver industry-leading performance that stands the toughest test of all: the test of time.

Pro-Crate air barrier products are engineered to deliver maximum performance year after year– proven through extensive, long-term testing in real-world conditions.

The Vapor Barrier Heat Wrap:

  • Is suitable for commercial, residential, and industrial use
  • Prevents the formation of mold and fungus
  • Is moisture-proofing while still allowing the product to breathe
  • Shields against floor failures
  • Is the toughest barrier available for most sensitive projects
  • Provides exceptional durability
  • Resists deterioration
  • Needs very little maintenance

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