Dismantling Large Pieces Of Furniture Before A Home Move

If you are moving home, one of the key issues to consider is how your removal company will be able to manage your oddly shaped and large pieces of furniture. Things such as grandfather clocks, sideboards, and wardrobes all require specialized attention. This is why it is advisable to ask a professional packer to work with you on such tasks. There are few dimensions and shapes they haven’t come across before, so they can tell you exactly what to do.

Be Prepared

Should you want to do as much of the work yourself, then it is vital that you are properly prepared and don’t leave things till the last morning. If you have modern furniture (after 1950), then it is likely that it will have screws holding the pieces together. What this also means is that dismantling it can be done by anyone with the right tools, although you do have to be careful to not break the screws or damage the thread in the holes.

If your furniture is quite old, then it is properly held together through joinery, and you will really want to get a professional dismantling expert in to deal with that. Usually, you will find wooden pegs, a few nails and screws, and very tight joints that hold everything together. Make a mistake and the whole thing will come crashing down and you probably will never figure out how to put it back together again.

Lateral Thinking

There may be some pieces of furniture that were assembled or built in place. Others may have been placed into your home through a window. Consider, therefore, whether you will need to remove windows again. If so, then you may as well move all of your furniture out through there, thereby reducing the chance of scratching your walls and the furniture. Of course, you may still need dismantling services, because you will also need to put the item into the new property, and removing the window may not be an option there.

Packing Materials

A professional dismantling service will also help you with packing your items. If your furniture has to be dismantled, it is likely that it won’t be packed until it is out of your house and on the removal vehicle. Hence, packing materials have to be ready and on site and they have to be appropriate for the furniture concerned. Foam protection and blankets can be used, for instance, as well as professional strapping to keep it all in place. It may even be necessary to have a custom built crate made for your furniture. This may be quite expensive, but if it is necessary to protect a precious item, then it will be worth it.



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